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Kozmic blues


“Trees Mirrored in a Pond”, 1907, Egon Schiele.


Trees Mirrored in a Pond”, 1907, Egon Schiele.


La Planète sauvage (1973) dir. René Laloux

production design by Roland Topor

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Anna Karina in Une femme est une femme

Untitled en We Heart It.

Untitled en We Heart It.


Difícil é não se apaixonar pelo sorriso dessa pimentinha ♥


Difícil é não se apaixonar pelo sorrisdessa pimentinha ♥

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Fiona Apple
Please send me someone to love

from Beauty by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

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He does still surprise me and he makes me hungry to work with him and see what he does and comes up with. [The Master] was something that I came up with because I wanted to spend more time with him. We’d worked together a lot, five times. But it was never enough. It was a supporting part or something like that. It never felt like we’d gotten super dirty enough together" - Paul Thomas Anderson

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Devotional Sex is more tantric than kinky, and thus celebrates the Goddess in women rather than sex being sinful and dirty.

I think these photos beautifully capture sex as beauty.

‘Flora Magica’ by Hermann Försterling

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Florence + The Machine at Radio City Music Hall (2012)

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